Scarring for Men

Scarring can occur from a number of factors the most common being acne scars, but surgery, accidents, and infections can leave deep gouges in the skin or ugly raised keloids.

There are many treatments for scarring. The most effective with the least amount of pain and down time are:

RF Micro-Needling

Radio Frequency Micro-Needling travels deeper into tissue without harming the surface of the skin. The radio frequency waves travel into the deeper layers to break up thicker scar tissue and increase collagen and elastin to the scarred areas. while simultaneously tightening skin.

NeoGen PSR System

Unlike lasers and micro-dermabrasion, the NeoGen nitrogen plasma technology delivers controlled heating to the skin stimulating a significant response, without creating a wound. Unlike ablative technologies there is no skin surface obliteration, burning or cutting. The unique energy from the Neogen resurfaces the skin making fuller, tighter and healthier with no open wounds on the surface of the skin.


For minor scarring and skin unevenness. A peel can be applied to the skin in order to remove the top damaged layers and improve collagen production.