About Us

Doctors Anti-Aging Institute

When most people think of aging they think "wrinkles", but issues with aging go far beyond crow's feet. Aging encompasses pain, stiff joints, lack of energy, loss of sexual desire, inability to sleep, incontinence, and much more.

Doctors Anti-Aging Institute started in 1991 as a sexual health clinic in Davie, Florida. As we grew to know our patients we realized that they were suffering from much more than a loss of desire. We were, and still are, on the forefront of the latest hormone therapies. We were there when effective aesthetic treatments came to market, making the face lift a thing of the past. And we participated in the complex medical studies that revolutionized hair loss treatment.

Now as leaders and developers of the anti-aging industry we share our knowledge with other industry professionals and give our patients the best balance of integrated nonsurgical treatments that make aging something they can put off for a long time.

Our Team

Carla Jones, Physician Assistant

Carla Jones, Physician Assistant

Director of Facial Aesthetics and Lead Trainer for Women's Health

Carla is dedicated and passionate about her career and patients. Warm hearted and kind she is easy to talk to and confide in. Making patients feel comfortable and comforted is her priority. She's top in her field in the delivery of quality care and treatment of a wide range of conditions, including all skin types, ethnicities, and ages, in women's health, beauty, aging interventions and wellness. Carla offers a unique philosophy of compassionate care to create a comforting experience and help patients boost their confidence by enhancing their lives, appearance, and happiness.

  • Over twenty years experience as a Physician Assistant and facial injector.
  • National Health Service Corps Scholar.
  • Charles R. Drew University School of Medicine and Science.
  • Surgical Subspecialties, Women's Health, Academic Medicine, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of California, San Diego